Crash Gambling Guide

One of the best features of the gambling industry is the constant innovations, whether it is security, software, or gaming. Casino owners, gaming studios, and even players find new ways to keep online gaming exciting at all times.

Crash gambling is one such phenomenon that has been kicking up a lot of dust in the online casino ecosystem. This form of gambling is the new kid on the block in some ways, but it is not entirely different from online gambling.

This in-depth guide can help you get started if you’re new to crash gambling.

Crash gambling – what is it?

Crash gambling is a game of chance where the game begins as soon you place the bet. As the crash game progresses, the potential for earnings also increases, and you have a few moments to cash out. If you anticipate increased earning and wait too long, the game crashes, and so does the increased amount.

In crash gambling, the increased earnings are indicated by a line similar to a graph that goes up a board against the multipliers. This newer form of gambling is a game of chance, and therefore, you need to cash as soon as you reach your desired bet amount’s multiplier. Otherwise, you risk losing everything, including your bet amount. Crash games usually have a short duration, so it is of the utmost importance that you know how to make a quick decision.

Crash gambling games are commonly associated with crypto casinos as they originated in the blockchain. So if you wish to crash gamble, you will need to have an account with a credible casino that supports crypto and owns some cryptocurrencies.

In most crypto casinos, crash games are classified according to the type of currency. So you will find dollar, Ethereum, and Bitcoin crash gambling.

How to play the crash casino game – The rules

Crash casino gambling is a game of chance; therefore, there are no hard and fast rules for playing. The rule of thumb for crash gambling is to cash out before the multiplier crashes. Some sites may feature special promotions and bonus codes to trial the game with real money.

At present, crash gambling is not available at mainstream casinos where you can play traditional games. Some of the top gaming studios, such as NetEnt and Microgaming, are yet to feature a crash form of gambling on their list, so the casinos that offer this innovative form of gambling are only a handful.

But this should not limit you from playing crash casino games, and here’s how to get you started.

Find a credible crypto casino.

Before you start playing crash gambling, narrowing down a trusted crypto casino is the first step. Look for a crypto casino licensed by any top game authorities, state-of-the-art security, and of course, supports cryptocurrency.

Afterward, sign up/register on the crypto site to place your bets.

Place your bets

In a crash casino, you will find two primary types of bets – singular and automated. Singular bets might seem like a good choice for beginners, but automated bets are probably your best bet options.

Choose your betting amount for the crash session and hit the ‘bet amount’ button. The option might be different for other crypto casinos.

Monitor and cash out your bet charts

Crash gambling sessions have extremely short durations, so you must diligently monitor your bets. The line on the crash bet chart will keep going up steadily, so don’t wait too long to cash out if you want to win.

Tips/strategies on how to win crash gambling

Crash casino games are random, but the use of some expert tips/strategies can give you a good handle on your games. Below are our top crash game tips:

Start with small bets

One of the top tips for crashing casino games is to start with small bets. 0.1 to 0.3 BTC/ETH is always a good amount to play the game. The figure may seem incredibly low, but convert them to dollars, and you might just feel the pinch.

Setting your multiplier on the smaller side can also work in your favor. In crash casino games, the multiplier can range from 1.00x to 100.00x, which is a huge range. Ideally, setting a lower multiplier from 1.00x to about 3.00x is a good way to sustain your games.

Bonus strategy

Crash games in most casinos have a bonus reward for a player who does not cash out midgame and hangs on just before the game crashes. Relying on the bonus strategy can be a bit tricky, but if you manage to use the bonus strategy successfully, you will get a decent reward.

Set automated cash out multiplier

In crash casino games, you will have two types of cash-outs – manual and automatic. As the name implies, manual cash-outs require you to decide and cash out in every round of the game.

Crash gambling with automatic cash-out options is more reliable since the platform will immediately cash out for you.

Manage your bankroll

Crash casino games are based purely on luck meaning RNG dictates the game. It can quickly get out of hand if you don’t manage your bankroll with crash games. Chasing lost money can seem like fun but can easily land you in a financial trap. Unlike other casino games, crash gambling is best enjoyed when it is played for fun.

Potential payouts from crash gambling

A couple of factors influence the potential payout in crash gambling. Use the right strategy and multipliers, investment, and a good idea of when to cash out from the session.

Nevertheless, crash casino games are inherently tied to cryptocurrency, so you can pocket massive amounts if you play right. In this regard, crash casino games tips and strategies in this post might be just the right help you need.


Crash gambling is still in its nascent stage and is largely a niche game because it is exclusively tied to crypto casinos. However, crash casino games combine the fun of online gambling and the thrill of cryptocurrency.

The key to great crash casino gaming is to find a great site you can trust, start with small bets and not be too greedy and cash out at the opportune moment.